Parallax Ping

I would like to try and write a driver for the Parallax Ping. It seems that the device requires a ping, in return the device will listen for the return of the echo. That time, with the speed of sound formula should give you a distance between three centimeters to three meters.

I have went to the Parallax site and looked at their sample code, I must confess a great deal of ignorance looking at it, but it does look like it only uses one port. My question is, can the Domino or Mini work at the speeds that the Parallax Ping operates, which would be in the 2 μs (min), 5 μs typical for pinging?

I am going to assume, and since I do not know what I am doing, I am probably going to be wrong, but I think that this device is going to be used as an analog device. I am using a Domino, and I have the ping in a solderless breadboard. I have never written a driver before, and I look forward to many hours of getting my brain spanked.

Hi Gene,

Here is another thread about the sensor:


Edit: looks like I answered wrong! Seem that others know better about this sensor.

The driver mentioned works great i have used it with great success.


2 μs (min), 5 μs is just one “unit” of the burst that sensor sends out. You need to look at Echo Return Pulse Minimum/Maximum in the documentation. It works with FEZ boards just fine.

You guys are great! Holy crap this thing is great! You guys are all on Santa’s Geek list this year friends!

Seriously, I am impressed as hell with this. My plans for an eight legged death bot continually are getting closer and closer to becoming reality. This is one of the finest pieces of hardware I have used this year. Almost everything that I have tried has worked, and then the things I had never even thought about trying are working.

I don’t know which has been better, the product or the support system. Great job on both.

Sounds like a very interesting project. Just be careful, so it will not turn into your robot overlord! ;D