Panda2 with connectshield using e-block button (newbie)

Hi guys,

since a few days I am “playing” with the FEZ Ultimate kit (Panda2) and I ran into a problem with the e-block button.
when I try to run the provided Driver Example Code, the compiler is telling me that a assembly is missing when I type

 FEZ_Components.Button myButton = New FEZ_Components.Button(FEZ_Pin.Digital.Di4) 

In the example code the assembly

 using GHIElectronics.NETMF.FEZ 

is used but I do not have that assembly instead I have


What I like to do is use a button using the interrupt feature.
Can anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong.


Did you add the needed dlls? GHIElectronics.NETMF.Hardware.dll

The using statement refers to a namespace, not necessarily an assembly. The first thing to check is if your installed SDK matches the Panda’s firmware. Also, please provide the specific error message. If they match, lookup what assembly contains the namespace in question and make sure it is referenced.

[edit] Gus did the lookup for you…

I did follow the setup instructions in the FEZ tutorial and beginner guide.
I can select a lot of Assemblies from the add reference form, but not the specific one

thanks for the quick reply:
I checked the SDK and they match both are 1.0.17
The error message wnhen I start typing


is "the type or namespace name 'FEZ_Components’could not be found (are you missing a using using directive or an assembly reference?)

Ah, not a reference or assembly issue at all. The “driver” code for the various eBlocks is located on the Downloads tab of their respective pages in the store. They are not contained in any precompiled library. You can find the code for the button here

BTW - Welcome to the forum!

Many thanks, I hope I will learn a lot reading the forum.

It is as a newbie a little confusing for me, sorry.
Do I first have to copy the code from FEZ_Components_Button.cs into my Program or do I have to copy the file FEZ_Components_Button.cs into my Application?

This is just my third day with C# and Panda.

I was able to follow and built the other examples from the beginnersguide, but this one is a struggle for me.


Add a new class file to your VS project and paste in that code, or download the file and add it to your project.

Many thanks ransomhall :-[

Now I do understand what to do and was able to test this e-block button.

Do you know if the e-block schematic disgrams are available?

Take a look at this thread . Also a good idea to get in the habit of searching the forum before asking questions like this. :wink: