Panda2 deploy error

Hi guys!

After having to install a new windows setup, i am trying to get my deployment environment working. VS2010, .NETMF4.2, GHI.NETMF4.1 are already installed. MFdeploy can ping successfully, but trying to deploy the old solution, i get a

Device not found or cannot be opened - USB:USBizi

What have i missed?

thx for any help for this old & wonderfull board.


hi Mark,

can you tell us what is visible in device manager?

What OS are you using?

Hi Brett!

Thank you very much for your answer.
Under Win7 i installed now ghi.net4.1, but now i even get any response from panda: usbizi-updater says no response from device. Now the devmgr tells me there is a USBizi, but the driver is missing…

Then there’s your problem ! :slight_smile:

I’d suggest you need to install everything as per the current support documentation, .NET Micro Framework – GHI Electronics. I’d install VS2013, NETMF 4.3, the GHI 2016 SDK R1 pre-release2, as well as the GHI 4.1 2012 R0 SDK from As part of that, the GHI driver should be installed and when you connect the Panda next time, you should see the driver load properly. Once that works, you can proceed.

thanks for these hint.
i got only VS2010, but i installed NETMF 4.3, the GHI 2016 SDK and GHI 4.1 2012 R0 SDK,

Now p2 is recognized onusb, i can create a new panda2solution, but i instantely get a ‘this project type is not supported within this installation’. Same when trying to open an old solution…

@ Mark15 - please tell us what is present in the project properties view. Right click on project in Solutions view, and select properties.

plus, you really should use VS2013. It’s the only supported project. Use the free version as well.


res: i am able to create a brainpad app, plus my panda2 project is not supported by this installation…

positive is now mfdeploy & fezconfig CAN ping the device… what did also before.

pretty vexing tears

Can you create a ‘normal’ .net mircoframework application an try if it works there? Maybe there is a problem with the project-file.

@ Mark15 - If your project used the old board-specific templates, those are no longer supported and may not get installed with the last NETMF 4.1 SDK available. If you are using them, you will need to create a new Micro Framework Console Application project, copy your code over, and re-add the old references.

@ glx:
the only installed project template for MF is a BrainPad.NET Application… on creating a new app than i get an error ‘there is missing a project subtype…’ and creation is aborded

@ John:
i think i didnt get you - how can i use the old references, if they are not installed?


@ Mark15. I’m not sure we get how you’re trying to do whatever it is you’re trying to do. Can you step us through creating a new project? The workflow should look like, open VS2013, create new project, set it’s type from the “templates” section to “Micro Framework”, “Console application”. If you can’t see “Micro Framework” in the list, you’ve not followed one of the steps - the one where you run the VSIX.

@ brett:
i can not see any tamplate except a brainpad app

i tryed now several combinations of vs, .netmf, ghimf and nothing worked. Either i can see the templates or i can see p2 on usb or i can open a solution, but no setup did it’s job. :’(

ok, once again: i want to develop&debug&deploy several applications with the p2 under win7

i don’t want to throw the boards to trash and port the project to other platforms…

is it possible to run the p2 under win7? what are these steps?

all achievable but you need to help us help you.

Please remove all the components you’ve installed, including Visual Studio 2013
Please step through the setup instructions .NET Micro Framework – GHI Electronics and make sure you note how each one completes.
Then, please open VS and show us a screenshot of the “New Project” page, before you’ve attached your Panda2 to the computer. If the software install was carried out successfully and there were no issues then you should see the netmf templates. But we need you to be deliberate about the steps and help by giving us all the information we ask for.

@ Mark15 - When following @ Brett’s instructions, make sure to check the NETMF 4.1 SDK under the Advanced menu when installing the 2016 R1 SDK.

i deinstalled everything with vs and .netmf
walked successfully through steps above

That’s perfect. Exactly what you need. As was pointed out on Page 1, the old “quick start code” samples that were for a specific board are no longer provided. All you need is to select the console application template, and add the references you need, copy over your code, and compile.

Hey guys, thank you very much for your support!
Finally i managed it to deploy a project.

But wait:
few days after sucessfull use, i got once again this:

@ Mark15 - If you update the firmware and do a clean build on the project, does the issue remain?

hard to understand. i didn’t changed anything nor installed other things…

As the device isn’t recognized by win7, is there a simple way to reinstall the USB drivers?