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Panda Webserver


Not a full server but just the sample code.



cool…I am still waiting to see some nice webpages loading from SD card…or static but full webpage with images and colors :smiley:


Anyone up for an open source webserver project with support for server side processing?


I think http is more important


What kind of Panda is it ? Doesn’t look like the white one :think:


First of all hi to all, my first post here and hope many more to follow. I have ordered 2 panda’s but I have also created 10 pcbs for the FEZ Domino, i’m going to try to make the FEZ Domino myself.

But without further more hijacking your thread, I like things that are connected to the internet, I’m still hoping that there will be a pnda or domino that has standard ethernet connection, or maybe a feature Netduino (Ordered that one too :wink: ).

I’m a C# .Net developer and would like to help where ever I can.


@ Bec a Fuel

That is an early Panda (pre production special edition hand built by Gus).



The Domino/Rhino/Panda support Ethernet using the W5100 chip. The TCP/IP stack is built in (currently beta and will be a release candidate in days from now) to the GHI Firmware.

You will need to get the Ethernet sheild for Domnio/Panda and the Ethernet module for Rhino. I am not sure but the Panda proto board may support the Etherenet module (need to wait and see).

The Cobra (EMX) has native Ethernet.


With Rhino+WIZnet module, you will have a board with Ethernet jack on-board. We have it already :slight_smile:

You need more, then get FEZ Cobra.

We leave Ethernet out to save money for users who do not want Ethernet.


Wonder if a .Net Data Service (i.e. Astoria) service with POCO would be possible with just http support.? Calling REST services on the device would be way cool.


I wish I could answer your question. :’(
But my experience stops at the socket level, not higher.