Panda using LPC43xx Processor

Is there going to be a Panda like board using the LPC43xx? Would be nice to move the JTAG connector to the side of the board :wink:

Now these chips are not available in volume, are they?

It is very interesting device for sure

I have no idea…

Wow, those are really sexy. Pitty they are still in production. Even the base level (lpc1000 line) are damn nice.

I wanted to float this idea out there, yes it is mid summer or a little later to be available but I wanted to just stir the “engineering” pot and possible board :wink:

For example here is a up and coming product:
The maple native with 1MB of SRAM. It would be nice to have a Cortext M4 with the same type of feature set.

Just tossing ideas out…

It would be great idea to up the processors on Domino and Panda. Personally i think the current gap between the specs of a Domino and a Cobra is quiet a lot. A LPC43xx would definitely bridge that gap pretty well.

Also we might get to run Pyxis :wink:

@ Gus - It there a future plan of replacing the µ Processor on domino?

We have many future plans…where do I start…? :wink:

@ Tanu; I’m still keeping an eye out for a decent LCD compatible w/ the Domino. As soon as I find something that works you guys will see a port of Pyxis for it.

Feel free to link me any recommendations.

So what is the next new project :wink:

It is … but then we are also adding … which works great with … to make it even more exciting, there is also …


So 4 new products? ;D

Gus is a master in teasing… :slight_smile:

Oh wait, I forgot …


I’m really looking forward to …