Panda tinkerer kit first impressions

First of all: I love the tinkerer kits!

Still, as the nitpicker that I am there some things that might be improved in future releases.

The soldering pads on the double headers might be a bit bigger.

I think that all the pins that is broken out from the “Arduino” headers should have the same markings on the base board.

I would love to have a ground, 5V rail across the proto area (like a breadboard).

The soldering pads on the prototyping area should be larger and the silk mask in my opinion is misleading (se the image). To me it seems that the pads are grouped in two, but they are actually just single non connected pads?!

That’s something I noticed, as well. I’d really like it if the pads were all connected together.
You can just cut the traces you don’t want.

I am waiting a little on the tinkerer kit. It will be in stock soon.

I can only second the 5v and gnd rail.
The pads are indeed confusing, however I like Chris’ thought.
All pads connected is ideal. It’s much easier to cut traces then to solder traces :stuck_out_tongue:

The new baseboard i white like the Panda and the traces are not visible unless its hold at an angle to the light. So to see the traces will be a pain.
For me the best thing would be if two and two pads where linked together and a full length power and ground rail.
On the servo header there might also be an extra +V pad. The way it is hooked up now (I think) you lose a servo header for the power connection.

Actually, you do not necessarily lose a servo header if you are controlling an ESC, too. ESC has it’s own power supply, which works great to power servos only.

Not that I’m saying it’s a fix or anything…

hmm Geir that explains why my servos were not moving.

The XBee socket is not connected to anything at all besides the header. That is good, but I still think that 3.3V and GND could have been pre connected.