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Panda sighting at Sparkfun


Now stocked at SFE :smiley:


Looking good with black background


Hmm, MarkH this link you give us showed:

Item has been retired from our product catalog.
Please contact customer service for assistance in selecting a replacement product.[/quote]
I found it any do i think they changed the url because it is still on there site.



Perhaps you missed the 6 at the end when copying and pasting? I edited my post to make the link clickable :slight_smile:


Link works for me. Looks real good!


Looks very nice! only 10 in stock? :o


Just watch, that 10 in stock will drop liek a stone if they aren’t already sold out.


Still 5 left :smiley:


Ad now, there are 2.


:wink: Shipment incoming sparkfun! Hang tight!


And now, there are 73 in stock. It looks like Sparkfun is going to keep stock up. This is my preferred provider for most parts.


Geez, already down to 65… These are going fast!


Pandas appeared in stock at Sparkfun again this morning - and they are going out quickly. 32 left at this time. And, Netduinos went out of stock in the last few few hours and the stock on Fez Dominos is going fast too. Congratulations you guys.


They are here in England too…

At least I’m able to get them here now

Cheers Ian

P.S. on the Right it say’s “Current top seller” Looks like you picked a winner!!
Well done…


Pandas are out of stock at Sparkfun again as of this morning. They have 8 Dominoes. These do go fast.


Stand by for a slew of new forum members, Gus!


Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Proto-pic here in UK are now out of stock of panda’s and he has ordered more…

This must be brilliant for the community… I have a project using said device(one I can post on fezzer at least)… Air ride suspension on cars!! controlled by a panda using the PS3 joysticks.

I can’t wait to get started on this

Cheers Ian