Panda quiescent current

I was wondering why the hibernate current is listed as 5.75 ma when the LPC2387 has a sleep current of only 150 ua. Checking with the schematic, I found that the two voltage regulators are LM1117, each with a typical quiescent current of 5 ma, so I would expect the boards quiescent current to be at least 10 ma. Looking at the actual part makes me wonder if the regulators are LM1117. The schematic shows a 4 pin regulator with 2 Vout pins, but the datasheet for LM1117 shows only 1 Vout pin, and the parts on the board are 3 pin parts with a ground tab.

Thanks for an explanation.

The numbers listed are measured numbers, not from datasheets.

We use LM1117 or compatible regulators