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Panda order (UK)


Hi! this is my first post, and cant wait to get developing with my NETMF board :slight_smile:

Has anyone from the UK received their Panda yet? Or does anyone know the average delivery time from the US by the USPS?




Shipping times with USPS can be very various. From 3 days to 2 weeks.


Oh well, lets hope its not 2 weeks! Very eager to get started! Does you know how is makes its UK journey? Royal Mail? a different courier?



Mine got shipped by plane and afterwards got delivered by the standard mail courier in my country.

How it works in the UK is unknown to me. Maybe the usps website can help you out?


I think if you use USPS then it is royal mail but then if you use FedEx then it is FedEx that gets it to you.


yep i can confirm that if you use fedex then its fedex all the way to good old blighty :)))))


You must have ordered yours first. So if I get mine before you I’ll let you know

I’m in no hurry so it’s comming USPS…

Cheers Ian
Rochdale, Lancs.


I’ve just received a letter from Parcel Force asking for payment of VAT on my Panda… which means it’s almost here!!! :smiley:

For information… they charged VAT, and a ‘ParcelForce Clearance Fee’ of £12. Deliviery is stated as usually next day.


Woo!! Mine has arrived! Can’t wait to start on my project :slight_smile:


Got mines too today (France)