Panda III GXP and N18 Display


I am new in controlling displays. I red a lot on this forum, but things are a bit weird to me.
I try to make my N18 display on my Panda III board through the GXP gadgeteer bridge. I pluged the display on socket 1 (SU) to get SPI.

i used this code to test

Display.Type = Display.DisplayType.Spi;
            Display.ShowBootupMessages = true;
            Display.SpiConfiguration = new SPI.Configuration(Cpu.Pin.GPIO_NONE, false, 0, 0, false, true, 8000, SPI.SPI_module.SPI2);
            Display.BitmapFormat = Bitmaps.Format.Bpp16RgbLe;
            Display.Width = 128;
            Display.Height = 160;
            Display.CurrentRotation = Display.Rotation.Normal;
            Display.BacklightPin = Cpu.Pin.GPIO_NONE;
            Display.ResetPin = Cpu.Pin.GPIO_NONE;
            Display.ControlPin = Cpu.Pin.GPIO_NONE;

            var bmp = new Bitmap(128, 160);
            Font font = Resources.GetFont(Resources.FontResources.NinaB);
            bmp.DrawText("Hello, World!", font, Colors.White, 0, 0);

Nothing happened…
I took all schematics, and i noticed that the GXP header from the Panda III is different from the one on the GXP bridge.(while the one on the Cobra III is good)

So, do i missed something and it’s possible to make it working, or, is there any troubles ?

Thanks in advance

@ gregFR14 - Your code uses Cpu.Pin.GPIO_NONE in a lot of places. You need to update it to match the actual pins you are using in your project.

I agree with that. But I failed to follow signals from the Panda III board GXP header, through GXP gadgeteer bridge, and find pin’s number.
I have trouble with schematics, which are really different from panda III and GXP gadgeteer bridge. SPI2 doesn’t match on those two headers.

For example, I found SPI2.CLK (PB10) on the pin number 19 of the GXP header, when I see the GXP gadgeteer bridge schematic, it’s on the pin 29

That’s why I asked if someoine succeed to do that. What I missed With those schematics ?

@ gregFR14 - I’m sorry, I missed this at first: the FEZ Panda III does not actually have a GXP compatible header. At this time, only the FEZ Cobra III and Display NHVN do.

oh…I see…
So, description on the catalog for this card is a bit confusing while its written that this card comes with 40 pins header that follows the GXP standard, and at the bottom it’s linked to the GXP gadgeteer bridge.

Then, are there any displays that GHI sells for this card for this type of header ?

@ gregFR14 - We’re sorry about that. We’ve updated the catalog entry. It no longer mentions GXP.

You can still use the Display N18 with the FEZ Panda III, you just have to wire it manually. The GPlug or Breakout modules can help with that.