Panda II with built-in ethernet

Is there any discussion of making a Panda II board with built-in ethernet, a la Netduino Plus? The cost of Panda II + Ethernet bridge is quite a bit higher than a Netduino Plus, but I prefer to use GHI products. So here’s to hoping.

There is always new things coming from GHI, from software features that you do not find anywhere to hardware with big potentials and capabilities. So, stay tuned :slight_smile: Can’t say more

There is still this project (Fez Hacker with built-in W5100): 8)

To be honest, the best would be a pandaII with built in W5300 chip instead of W5100 to have 8 simultaneous sockets :whistle:

Thanks, Nicolas3, I hadn’t seen that. I’ll check it out.