Panda II to GHI Cellular Module

I am looking to use the GHI cellular module from a Panda II.

It appears that this cellular module is built to a gadgeteer interface.

We prefer to use the GHI cellular stack, because the support here is clearly great, and the GHI cellular board has tcpip built in (as opposed to the arduino community tcp stacks).

The questions are:

  1. Is this match up even doable / worth considering?

  2. Is there a tutorial / write up somewhere on how to use gadgeteer devices from panda / netduino / arduino?

  3. Will using this from a Panda (versus a Fez) impose significant extra coding work on me?

  4. Anything else I should know?

Thanks a ton for the input!

(I placed my first GHI order yesterday!)


As you already know that this module is mafe for Gadgeteer not FEZ Panda II board. For FEZ Panda II

you might need GSM shield that works with arduino. Like this one for example from seeed:
Note that we have not test it with FEZ Panda II though.

Hi samjones3,

I’m currently working with GPRS Shield Joe mentioned and it works very well with Panda II, the one little issue is about POWER ON button that has to be pressed prior GSM module to start. I have done hack to connect button to make switch permanently ON, so far it works without any issue. :slight_smile: When I power on Panda II, GSM module will come up and is ready for operation.


The new version (1.2) of the GPRS Shield can be turned on and off via code now. No need to push the power button.


So the power on hack is no longer needed with the Seed GPRS shield?


Let me know and thanks!!

That’s correct. I had posted this question on their forum a month ago and they told me that with version 1.2, it can be powered up with code. It’s now on their wiki page as well:

I haven’t tried it out myself yet though. I still have the older version, but I just ordered the new version.

Hi Jan,

I’am trying to get the Seeed gsm module to work with my FEZ panda II ( but I cannot figure out how to connect this board to my panda. Default the Seeed shield has COM1 on Di7 and Di8. But on the Panda board the COM1 is Di0 and Di1. How to solve this?


@ rbruinsma - this is an old post. better to start fresh with a new one…