Panda II - slight power difference in rev C vs rev D board?

Still working on the power budget for a panda II’s, I am. Yeesssssss.

In early 2011 I purchased my first couple of Panda II’s for evaluation. The boards were rev C. Around August I purchased 10 more which came in with a rev D board. In tracking down why one system seemed to deplete a battery more often I found that the newer “D” boards draw 7 ma in hibernate and 63 ma when active but in a sleep thread. The “C” board draws about 10 ma more in both modes, i.e. 17 and 73 ma. A small difference, but enough that it made a difference.

Is this consistent with the board revisions or may there be some other cause? The tests I’ve run have exactly the same code on a bare Panda board.

The board rev or different regulator brand