Panda II - Size of external power connection?

What physical size (eg 5.1mm x 2.0mm) is the external power connection on the Panda II ?

I looked at the Netduino and Netduino Plus schematics. The Barrel Power Jack they use is 2.1mm ID, 5.2mm OD.

I was not able to find a similar notation on the Panda II schematic.


PS - As long as I’m asking about power, I plan to get a 6V,1A power supply. Any problems with that? Can I increase the voltage without causing problems with (ie, smoking) the voltage regulator?

Those are standard 2.1mm connectors

A 6V 1A supply is fine. Since this board uses 3.3V/5V there is no need to increase the voltage. Word of caution on power supplies - there is a ton of cheap crap out there. Make sure you get one that is UL listed and does not come from “the deal of the day” on eBay.

An example of a bad, gadget cooking supply: