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Panda II Rx/Tx


On the Panda II board, I noticed there are an Rx/Tx connector locations. Since I use the connect shield, are those still available when the connect shield is plugged into the Panda board?

I think in order to get around my XBee problem, I am considering connecting my Propeller setup with the XBee to the Panda setup. That way I can have the Propeller handle the XBee, and have the Panda do my data logging part. Can the Panda II handle 230400 BAUD with a full duplex communication?



FEZ Panda has 4 serial ports. COM1 is exposed on 3-pin JST connectors on FEZ Connect shield.


I looked at that e-block, the problem is, on my Propeller setup I have a mini b connector. I think that I would have way to much cable when I try to connect mini b to mini b. I have not seen any cable with two male mini b connections, that would not be a special purchase. Anybody have a lead for that?


@ r_sad - I think you’re quickly getting too the point where you would be better off making your own cables/wiring.