Panda II Robot

Really excited that tonight we start our first family robot build! 4 legged (3 DoF per leg) with claw, audio playback, distance sensing, 2 way RF comms and more. ;D ;D ;D

So…anyone got good experience building these things care to share insights to good walking code, etc? If not I’ll just fumble through it and have lots of fun posting fail videos. 8)

Read about Inverse Kinematics. It is the way to go.


You are welcome!
I am interested to see what you will end up with.

Inverse kinematics is the way to go indeed.
Building it hard coded just fails hard.

Still need to dig into that some day :\

Well, ordered not 1 but 12 wrong servos. :frowning:

So instead of building an entire quadpod from the ground up we’ll be ordering a kit next month. We’re going with the CH3-R ([url]Lynxmotion - CH3-R).

It’ll still be FEZ Powered though, we’re replacing the supplied BASIC Atom Pro 28 with the Panda II and may either keep the SSC-32 Servo Controller or have the Panda II take over that too. :slight_smile:

We’ve got some fun plans for this little bad boy so keep an eye out for vids mid-late February.