Panda II Quick Question

Does the Panda II only run with 4.1 ? It is not 4.2 yet correct?


@ jkane121 - correct, only 4.1 and prob never 4.2 (i think)

Thank you Sir!

@ jkane121 - if you call me Sir i will be forced to call you Lancelot :slight_smile:

So be it !! B-)

Wait so should I uninstall Micro Framework 4.2 and get 4.1? Or is it just the GHI SDK that needs to be 4.1

You can run 4.1 and 4.2 side by side if you want.

And yes you need 4.1 framework

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4.2 includes the latest 4.1, so don’t uninstall it unless you need an ultra-stable version. Just don’t try to reference 4.2 in your Panda II projects, it won’t work.

Recently a change was made and 4.2. and 4.1 are separate downloads.