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Panda II Mass Storage


I’ve looked through the docs & forums and I just can’t get mass storage running on my Panda II.

The example code throws exception at:

// Check debug interface
if (Configuration.DebugInterface.GetCurrent() ==
throw new InvalidOperationException("Current debug interface is
USB. It must be changed to something else before proceeding.
Refer to your platform user manual to change the debug

But this also throws exception:

Configuration.DebugInterface.Set(Configuration.DebugInterface.Port.Sockets1, Configuration.DebugInterface.Port.Sockets1);

Anyone have something that works?


The secret keyword is mode pin :slight_smile: which is explained in details in book and wiki


This is not supported on USBizi. Also TinyBooter does not support Sockets debugging (second parameter).


Mode pin is on the 40 pin header between D37 and Gnd. Jumper MOD to GND.

After that you’ll need a serial debug interface connected to COM1 and set Visual Studio to use serial instead of USB for debugging. There’s a wiki article that explains it.

If you struggle just shout. I battled with all this for a while but have Mass Storage working nicely now.

PS. I’m still looking for a way to auto-detect when USB is plugged in to detach the SD card from my logger and attach it to Mass Storage. At the moment I connect when the user presses a button - not ideal.


Thanks! At some point I’ll take a look @ your issue Realiser and let you know if I come up w/ a fix for you.

Soooo many things going on right now. :o