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Panda II makes magnificent mood fish tank


Attached is a very grainy picture (too much zoom, me thinks) of a couple of neon tetras in my office fish tank. These guys really look like they glow when illuminated. Well, today I hooked up some super bright LEDs (one each R,G, and B)to my shiny new Panda II and watched as these poor guys got that ‘fish in the headlights’ look. I work in a pet friendly place, and have seriously one-uped coworker geeks with their plain ole dogs… I’ve got a mood fish tank!

The point of this post? To thank you guys for crankin’ out yet another fine product! Keep it up.

FEZ Fanatic,



I love fish and got a tank at office and 2 at home! Lol

Where is the video? :slight_smile:


Got two fish tanks at home and my girlfriend has one too :smiley:
I love them ;D

Maybe I should use my coupon to get a panda 2 too… ::slight_smile:


Can you train the fish with 3.3v?


Not with 3.3v, but with 220v ac, they seem to perform tricks and jump out of the tank :smiley:




I’ve seen people use electric collars on hard to train dogs… so why not? At the very least I can train them to twitch uncontrollably and float belly up…

hold on… OH NO, they won’t stop floating… :o


This mood fish tank think will never fly at the place where I work. We have a couple of ASPCA enthusiasts here. The other day, they made a big fuss about my using the term kicking the watchdog timer in one of my presentations…


…Tell them, for every animal they don’t eat, you’ll eat 3.