Panda II Jagged arrays

When debugging I cannot see the jagged array contents as I would using normal arrays. Is this a bug or do i need to do something to see the data?

does it work with emulators?

Nope. I don’t remember ever noticing this before. I’m not sure I know enough about VS to understand how 4.2 could cause this if it is new though.

EDIT: Works fine in a regular Windows console app. So, it definitely is a NETMF anomaly.

@ ianlee74,

I’m using 4.1 at the moment.

Well, I guess we can assume then that 4.2 inherited this “feature”. Sounds like a great addition to the list for 4.3. You may want to mozy on over to

and fill out a bug report if one doesn’t already exist. :wink:

@ ianlee74,

That will have to wait, as its almost 4am in the uk and i need my sleep now.

I also used JA in my code and this is a pain to not be abble to navigate inside this structure. The only thing we can do is to defined explicitely JA[X][Y] and this is really time consumming.

@ GUS: I have never try with the emulator but this can be check easily.

I have just try with the emulator, and it does not work. The only way is to define that you look for x[0], x[1]…

@ Davef: As soon as you are going out to your bed, you can go on codeplex :slight_smile:

Feature report filed!

Can you add a link to the request? So we can vote for it…


I hope thats the correct link.


Link updated

After I’ve voted for your issue I’ve noticed that you reported it to be a codeplex issue not .net mf issue :slight_smile: Please remove it and add to this project:

@ Gralin,

Thanks I just changed the link, but I dont know how to remove the issue from codeplex. Help!

you got my vote!
maybe some admin will delete it for you or it will disappear in history :wink:

You got my vote also… hope the .netmf team will react and solve this.

Funny, indeed I don’t see a delete button in my submitted issues. I guess Wouter is right, you have to wait for someone to reject it.

Thre’s a “contact us” mail lost somewhere on codeplex… i will try to find it.

This was written in the Faq

Maybe you should write there:


I’ve left a request for Admin to delete and a link to where the issue is now located.

This is also very painfull when spying a hashtable. You can not spy directly an item of the HT. You’re obliged first to spy the HT entirely and then items per items look for the correct one.