Panda II Future

I notice the Panda is still for sale, but the LCD that goes with it, is now marked Obsolete (without a product replacement).

Is the Panda II going to be phased out?

What replaces it, or are you trying to get away from Arduino compatibility?


== John ==

Don’t know for sure but I seriously doubt the “Panda” will go away anytime soon. Perhaps a Panda-III in the future

I think the existence of the Cerbuino Bee answers that question :wink:

Some additional discussion on the future of the Panda II can be found on this post:

The P-II has much to recommend it for continuation, but I expect it will be a business decision based on market viability when compared to other GHI offerings.

The USBizi chip is still in production, but has been frozen at MF 4.1.

The Panda II is the only lower cost premium FEZ product at the present time.

The USBizi chip is used in many commercial products.

I see the USBizi chip, and the Panda II, to continue in production as long
as they continue to sell well.


Weird, I did a forum search for “Panda” and didn’t see the linked thread. Must have been an I/O error (Idiot Operator).

For my app, I don’t really care about power consumption, but I did think I needed Arduino shield compatibility.

The 32 bit over 8 bit was very attractive to me for a lot of reasons.

Thanks for the updates,

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