Panda II does not work with windows10

I have installed the driver but windows10 cannot see it, what do I do? Somebody help me. Thank you very much.

Welcome to the forum. You didn’t really get the right tags here (it’s not a sitcore product, nor is it a module or chipset, it’s a netmf legacy product) but the tagging isn’t overly important…

what driver did you install, and what do you see in Device Manager? And what are you using to “test” if you can see the device or not? These are the quickest things that will help us diagnose what your situation is.

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Charged category to netmf

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Using the device manager see if there is a an unknown device or a device with a problem. This will determine whether the computer is seeing the device.

You might also want to try another USB cable.

I’m install driver and restart computer. Check to device manager.Unknow device.Use new cable but unknow device.What do i have to do.

Has this device ever worked on your computer?

sorry to be blunt. What driver did you install !?!?! I asked that earlier and you haven’t told us.

It’s clearly the wrong driver.