Panda II discontinued , problem


We have make a project ( not more than one year ago ) with fez panda II. 

We have used about 50 of this boards.

Now we are having problems with some else of the boards. It's starting to be not recognized or damaged, and can't work.

We need about 10 or 15,, and we have look in internet with no solution.

Is imposible to buy 10 or 15 in some part in the world??

Is mandatory to migrate all the complete project to solve this problem?

Is it a normal practice with this kind of products??

thanks in advance.

I would contact GHI directly

@ rlcobos - You can still get Panda II but there is a MOQ, unfortunately more than 10 or 15. Please feel to contact us directly as @ Architect suggested.

Thank you, it’s a big problem for us.

In the other hand…

I have found in internet some Fez Panda ( not Panda II ), we dont use sd card, and dont use the pins that are not arduino compatible.

Will be possible put the project in this boards, without changes??, only change the board ( or some references )??

thanks of new,


thanks to both,

I will contact to GHI directly, but , in case the Minimun Order Quantity is to big for us…

will be possible use FEZ Panda??


Hello Gary,

I have make the question to GHI and i dont have a reply.

@ rlcobos - When did you use the contact page? I will grab your email from your profile and contact you today.


At the same moment you write your reply here…


Will be possible use Fez Panda, not Panda II?

300 boards is a lot for us.


You would need to compare the pins you use against the two boards to know whether you need to change much. You still may have challenges getting Panda’s as well !