Panda II design files missing a layer?

Probably not a huge issue in practice, but…

I opened the panda II .brd design file in Eagle looking to start work on my 2channel CAN shield while I wait for my panda II to arrive, but I noticed none of the 3.3v pins or gnd pins on the arduino-compat or the 40pin headers are traced out… Is there a layer missing in the board brd file?

not missing, probably the layer is hidden. The files we provide are 100% complete :slight_smile:

I enabled all layers under view-display/hide layers.
I also checked that I wasn’t on the freeware version of eagle with the 2 layer limit.

I’m not seeing anything connected to the 3.3 or gnd pins on any headers…

Maybe an issue with the version of Eagle I’m on? (5.10.0)

Its also worth noting these are the only pins I don’t see connected :slight_smile:

Oh I know! These are connected through the pouring power and growing planes.

Ahh, makes sense :slight_smile:


I meant to say ground plane.

I thought you meant “growing pains”

At first I thought Gus was saying ‘pour power onto the plane and it will grow’ but somehow ‘ground plane’ still managed to come to mind and everything made sense :stuck_out_tongue:

It will all become visible when you press the Rats Nest button. Then it fills the poured layers… But you have probably figured it out by now… :slight_smile:

Yep yep, all good now, thanks

Hi guys,

Where can I download a copy of the Panda II design files?

I have looked on the Panda II’s wiki page but there is nothing. And all the searches I’ve done so far here on the forum only point to threads where the design files are being talked about but with no links.

Did you look at the Panda II page on catalog? :slight_smile:

Uhm…no I did not look there…lol

Thanks so much for that Gus. ;D

The “hidden” pour got me the first time I looked at a board that used it, as well. I couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on with all these components hanging out in the middle of nowhere connected to nothing!

Eagle certainly has a learning curve, and it’s not very beginner-friendly. Maybe the upcoming 6.0 will be a bit better?