Panda II + Camera and Wi-Fi

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To carry out my project I need to send video from a camera via Wi-Fi to a PC.

  1. Can I connect a camera and a Wi-Fi module to Panda II?
  2. If so, which modules can you recommend me?
  3. If not, can this task be accomplished by Hydra or Spider with Camera and WiFi RS21 modules?
  4. Can I connect two camera modules to Hydra or Spider?
  5. Are there any modules for Hydra or Spider to control motors?
  6. Can I connect Hydra or Spider to Panda II (so that I can receive information from the connected modules and control them)?

Yes but better if you use FEZ Spider or FEZ Cobra

If you use panda then any serial camera. We do not sell any on this website but there is plenty on the web. If using FEZ Spider or fEZ Cobra (these use EMX) then you can use almost USB camera. We sell some cheap ones here.

I answer your questiosn above

If USB camera then yes but not tested. If serial camera then yes.


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