Panda II broken USB port


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I had an accident with my Panda II, pulled pc with cable attached to usb port which ripped the part from board, and now I need to debug or program without usb.

I tried to solder a new usb port but the pads itself got ripped, and I think there is no salvage in that department. The problem is that I used this board for a university project do to deliver next week and cannot replace it in time.

Is there a way to program or debug without the usb cable?

Thank you

You can use serial port. You will need to either add a rs232 converter or USB to serial converter to connect to PC.

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Thanks Gus!

I have somewhere a FTDI basic converter (like this one, probably I can use it.

So I just connect the RX / TX to Com1 and debug that way? (using the port assigned to FTDI)

You also need to connect mode pin to ground to set panda to serial. MUDs pin is next to ground on the big header.

It worked great! Thanks!

Since I couldn’t find my ftdi board I ended up using an old arduino board (has an ftdi chip also) as the interface, and it worked great.