Panda II as card reader

I’m trying to use Panda as card reader. I have read this tutorial:
I was wondering if RS232 shield or USB<->serial cable is required ? Can I just access sd card data from my PC using only Panda and mini USB cable ?

Read tutorial on USB client

I assume you want to put an SD card in the SD slot and then read it via the USB port? So the Panda acts as a card reader?

I have this working. You need to bridge the MODE pin to ground to disable debugging over USB and then use the USB Mass Storage Client example to present your storage to the PC. The Panda needs to be a USB Client. USB Host is when you want the Panda to read an attached flash drive connected to the USB port.

If you want to continue debugging you need an RS232 converter on the Panda’s COM1 and use serial debugging.

Be very careful with that MODE pin… If you have it bridged but no debugger connected to COM1, tie COM1’s RX pin with a resistor to ground otherwise it will hang on boot-up.

What is the best way to copy text file to panda’s sd card? And by best I mean the least time consuming. I need all 6 pwms, so I cannot bridge MODE pin. I’ll keep some settings in text file, Panda will read that file and extract settings on start up. I should be able to change settings on my desktop application and then to upload changed text file to Panda. Any ideas? check out the USB Debugging with Virtual COM Channel section.

This will allow you to make the Panda appear as a serial port to the PC, and still have debugging.

I have a web site on a SD card in a Panda, and I simply have a section of my startup that re-writes my code onto the SD card. You could just have a second app that you deploy while in development, deploy and run it and you get your updated file, then deploy your main app that reads it. That’s quick.

Of course you could just take the card out and put it on your PC…