Panda II and XBee shield

Has anybody tried the XBee shield from Sparkfun? Also has anybody tried an XBee shield with a Connect shield attached also? Does GHI have a solution for attaching an XBee to the Panda II? I saw something for the gadgeteer, but I am not sure as to how that would work with a Panda II.

Get ZX-XBEE from and then connect to to FEZ Connect.

We used to carry them

The ethernet jack on the connect shield prevents other shields from seating correctly. You might be able to put the xbee shield on first, but be careful what antenna type you get. Chip or SMA might work, but the wire antenna would not. Digi recommends the area near the antenna be clear of anything that may interfere with the signal, so this latter setup may reduce your range.

You don’t need a shield for the xbee. There are plenty of xbee breakouts on the market, like the one you mention from SF. A word of caution, the SF circuit had issues, which may be resolved by now. See the comments on their product page. Adafruit’s breakout is more reliable and about the same price.

I have the one GHI used to sell (inexglobal), which has JST connectors, and it works fine.

What about

I own this one too:

But: it requires modding to make it work with fez.
You need to add cables for power.


I just went to inexglobal site, and they show that it is “out of stock”. Is this code for an item being discontinued? I only ask because GHI shows that the product is “Out of stock”.

The last time I looked at the product that was offered by Adafruit, it was a “Kit”. I like the plug and play concept, no soldering. I sort of like the e-block concept, it is unfortunate that GHI does not support this anymore.

“plug and play” is now gadgeteer :slight_smile:

There is a new thing that lets you hack in gadgeteer modules on FEZ Panda but you should really consider gadgeteer mainboard.

When I looked at the gadgeteer modules, a lot of them were out of stock. I am not familiar with the business practices of GHI, meaning how long the shelves stay empty. Before I lay out more money, for instance a gadgeteer board, I need to get a feel for what GHI is all about.

In the case of most of the modules, this is GHI’s way of getting ready for a new product release. It allows us to see what’s coming and for pre-orders to be placed.

User to user - it’s a good feel :wink:

These are new products coming in near future so you can plan for them. The availability date is on website as well. There is no secrets here, just making our plans public :slight_smile:

@ r_sad

Did you complete the Temperature logger ??? Did the peizo eblock beep when you hit a high (or low temperature) ?

I am looking at the SD code to see how I can open/create file, and write the data to the file. Since I have the RTC functioning, I would like to time stamp a temperature reading, and store the data in such a manner so I can feed it to a spreadsheet for later analysis. I have a tendency to bounce around, new shiny things are a big distraction LOL.

“Out of stock
Contact us for lead time.”

Does this mean that GHI is still considering carrying the XBee e-block, or is this a long gone product?

GHI will not stock it in the future, but you can buy it directly from inexglobal. There’s nothing special about that component that makes it suitable for using with FEZes, other than it has the JST connectors.

I have several of the adapters from Adafruit and they work great.


Tutorial on it’s use…

I have a setup with my Propeller board where I use the XBee adapter that Parallax sells. The Adafruit adapter looks very similar to the one Parallax sells. But going that route means using a breadboard, and you end up with loose wires by the time you connect to the Panda board. That is why I was looking for an e-block solution with the JST connectors .

Not sure I follow you… If you connect your wires directly to the adapter then there’s no need for the breadboard. There’s really no more wires required than would be used for an e-block plus you get the additional benefit of being able to easily connect it to an FTDI cable for programming on the PC.

Anyone has order via DiyBin ???
I ordered 26 october FEZ Touch shield and not recieved my order yet. DiyBin don’t answer my E-Mail.

@ taliban - your question is not related to this thread. post it as a new thread.

Never used them but it looks like they have some pretty hefty markups on GHI modules… I’d probably steer clear.