Panda II and CAN

How is it done?

The specification when buying it claims it has two CAN channels.

Can I connect specific pins to the High and Low lines on the CAN or do I need additional hardware? I was led to believe that I need to work out the frequency etc?

I’m looking at interfacing with my car and have no information on the spec of the CANBUS.

You need to connect a CAN transceiver, f.e. MCP2551

Next, you’ll need to find the bitrate and protocol somewhere, in some cases, this is OBD-II and you need an OBD-II cable for that

In case it’s OBD-II you have there, the wikipedia page could also help to get you started: and look for CAN :slight_smile:

I am using my Panda II to inteface with my NMEA2000 CAN network. I started with a Panda II and added a ProtoShield from Sparkfun to make prototyping easier…On the board I have an MCP 2551 and two resistors as a voltage divider… that’s about it… The rest all happens in software. I started with the example Tutorials on this site… That worked… Took me about a day to get something usefult working,…
What are you trying to build?