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Panda II, 8192 baud for ALDL ( ODB 1 ) reader


So I want to read my GM cars ECU which communicates at 8192 baud.
I’m quite new to Panda II, and net MF, but decent at embedded.

is the source available for the low level code that would be setting the baud rates so I can see if it’s even possible to set the serial port to such a weird rate?

How about the chips datasheet? I guess I don’t even know what chip this thing runs on…



Are we taking UART? Then you can just set it to what you need I think.


Yes, Sorry UART…
I’m just wondering how accurately it can hit such a weird rate

gotta go find the hw docs…


It is a very slow baud rate so it got to be accurate enough.


Wow this chip has incredible UART skills!
Looks like the baud rate is not a problem.