Panda, going out today?!

Yes, its true!

There is a very good chance that some pandas will be going out today! Watch your mail for tracking numbers!

Leave a hint if you want your panda today!

I have two on order, but honestly don’t need them anytime soon - please put my name at the bottom of the list - and for the love of humanity, please send Sam’s out first. :slight_smile:


Send Brett’s to australia, there are a couple of us with panda’s in his order and we wants them… our preciousssss panda’s.

I have an order in, S2OLM-5SNQ9-UBF0. I’d love to get one ASAP but I do not need all of them right away if it helps other people to get theirs :slight_smile:

Ok, requests noted :slight_smile:
I will try my best to push the shipping of your precious pandas!

Hah i have 4 on order. which I guess is kinda sad. They get here when they get here no need to rush.

If this helps, I would really like to get mine soon! I have a big chunk of code I am anxious to see working on the board (Goertzel Algorithm)

This is probably the worst time for fedex to do this…but i will keep trying! :’(

noooooooo fedex. :frowning:

I don’t necessarily disagree with Mark’s request, but due to pure weight of numbers I’m sure the other 3 people won’t mind if you do manage to ship it today :slight_smile:

Well nice thing to say “stuff happens”.

I have my hint posted everyday here
at this thread: You know what i am waiting for?

Can I have mine today??