Panda fits the Sparkfun breadboard holder perfectly

I just snapped my Panda into the [url][/url] Sparkfun plastic carrier board and it fits perfectly. No screws - just snaps in tight.

The Panda snaps in on the right and there is room for a small (bigger than the Panda itself) breadboard. It is just a mounting board, not anything like the Panda Base Board, but for $3.95, I think it will make some work easier for me.

The breadboard carrier is sized to fit the 2.2 x 3.4" half size bread board sold by GHI.

Thanks for the info

You might not have seen this topic , but thanky ou for the info! ;D ;D

Yeah, with my level of experience, we do still need to ask, “Bob, did you plug it in?” Thanks for pointing it out. I did look for an existing topic, but I was looking in a Panda specific place. I appreciate your help.