Panda crashing during VS2010 debug download. Needs Reset

There was a topic long ago about Pandas(and other boards) crashing during the debug download/run step, requiring a reset of the board then VS2010 happily reconnects to the board and continues.

I can’t find that thread, but it is 6 months or a year old. GHI requested code that could consistently simulate the problem, which was never forth coming.

I might have more info. Sort of.

I have a blue-tooth dongle connected to COM1. It’s printing data to PuTTY for debugging. During a reboot I saw a memory dump in PuTTY. I assumed it was PuTTY that crashed and restarted it. Turns out that my USBizi has crashed and needed a reset.

I just remember that the dump showed the CPU registers R1 through R16 I think, and a few others and a memory dump. Should I try to get a copy of this info again? Would it help to find the problem?

Maybe incoming serial data while device reset is causing problems?

Nope. It’s a “read only” connection, sending battery data to the PC.

Doesn’t happen often.

When it happens then it happens during between the download and the reset. If I don’t manually reset the board then VS2010 tells me that there was a problem downloading.

Note that this is on my own board. But I had the same problem on my Panda. Some days it would happen 10 times, other times it would be days between hangs.

This was the first time that I noticed the crash info though. I will post it when I see it again…