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Panda Case


I had some acrylic leftovers after I built ChipworkX case. Now my Panda has new “home”. :smiley:

Details are on wiki:


I like this one… I bet the Domino fits as well…

How much was the dremmel by the way, Its way bigger than he effort I have

Cheers Ian


Hard to tell: are those headers sticking out or are they underneath the plexi?



I don’t remember it was a good deal, though.:smiley:

“Unnamed Hero” :smiley:
It is open area. I agree it is hard to see. Take a look on Wiki - top plate template.


Ah, I can see now. Good work ;D

My name is gone, yes


Here is a better picture.


I think it’s pretty. Would be great for displaying it at a show.

I just screwed mine down to a chunk of wood leftover from my deck project this summer…lol

Mike in MN


Thanks guys! :slight_smile:


Very artsy, good looking case! :wink:

I wondered how the bottom of the case look like?


Solid plate, no holes.


What are you using for background? I like the texture. I want to ask GHI to make images with such texture :smiley:


I guess it is the leather, the kind that use to cover the counter or bar top.
I got the clue from the side view picture.
Might be wrong though!


Side view picture is taken on top of my Dell. The rest of them are on the surface of an old TV table from IKEA. ;D ;D ;D



For Domino it will need some modifications. Micro SD slot access and USB host. One day I will get my hands on Domino and will make another case for it.