Panda based test unit by one of my students

I finished up the first round of the classes I was teaching last week - tis morning one of the engineers came to my desk with a device he had built for a manufacturing test unit. We have an assembly that goes into a machine and the unit has a one-wire device on it that records usage and status and faults. If they ever want to get status, they have had to swap the assembly into a working machine and go through the front panel diagnostics to get the info. So, this guy built a stand-alone box using all off the shelf components from GHI that runs on a 9v battery and plugs right into the assembly and displays all of the data on the serial LCD. Two buttons are used for selecting menu items on the display. Total cost about $75 or so. Now they plan to build several for technicians. Software took just a few hours.

Looks nice!

Reminded me of adafruit’s new clear enclosure:

Awesome! Nice to see you have started their creative juices flowing.