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Panda || and any spi tft touch panel


Hi guys,

currently I’m wondering, if it’s possible to use a panda|| board with any spi touch tft?
I want to use the GLIDE application in combination with a non GHI TFT… is it possible to place the specific code (tft managing, init, etc.) of my tft in the GHI existing code?
Is there any documentation about it? I only see the article about native displays, and couldn’t figure out how to implement it?

Thank you…


Using an SPI display is no problem. In Codeshare there is a project for the spi-driven MI0283QT-2 with Panda II. Whether or not you can get Glide to work well on the limited memory of the Panda is another thing. You would need to write your own bitmap flush routine, which would simply set up the display to receive pixel data and then send the array of bitmap data over the spi port.


Spiral was specifically created to run on Panda II.


The Panda boards does not have Bitmap support, and as such does not support Glide…