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Panda 3D Models


So, because it’s what I do…

I made a 3D Solid Model of the Panda and after seeing some different comments here and there I made a 2D drawing, 3D parasolid model, 3D PDF (which can be viewed in any Adobe PDF viewer) and I was gonna make a little project page for it.

The problem is I don’t really see a category where 3D models would fit in.

Anyone want to point me in the right direction for this? This would be my first Wiki project page creation, so it will take a bit for me to get it done.

If there is no interest, I won’t post them, but I am sure there are some like me that like to model up their projects.

I would/could do the other Fezzes, but I only have the Panda right now for reference. Maybe once I graduate to the others I will do those too.

Mike in MN


I wouldn’t mind a copy of the 3D model. What modelling app do you use?


Why not just add them to the existing panda page?


@ Gus, well thought of that, but was a bit nervous(being my first addition and all), but I could give it a try.

@ Heffo, well I use mix of softwares, but the models I will post will be .x_t(parasolid) and .dwg (drawing format). So basically any CAD software will open them. The 3D - PDF is just for fun so anyone that wants to can view it without CAD software.

Mostly I have access to Mastercam that is a CAD/CAM package for programming CNC machines. (Hopefully soon we will be getting Solidworks at work for real modeling).

Here is a link to the pdf…Just for those that want to look

Mike in MN

Added link…


Ok, updated the Panda Device page…

Please let me know if I did something wrong, looks alright…

Mike in MN


Thanks for putting the model up, it looks awesome!


How did you generate them? Eagle3D?

Edit: Ok, not Eagle3D. How did you import the Eagle file into your software? I wanted to have a case 3D printed for one of my projects, but they couldn’t use my Eagle file and I couldn’t create a 3D model that they could use… :frowning:



That’s awesome, how did you do this? Would be awesome to have this of all boards 8)


Very Nice!:smiley: Mike.

This is one way of doing so (from Eagle 3D StudioMAX)

From Eagle:
write out Gerber files, same way you’re going to make your PCB:

use this free Viewplot: The Gerber viewer, Editor & Converter

to load & view all the Gerber Files above at the same time

Then, export the file to DXF format (File->Export->DXF)

Load the DXF file to CAD program or 3D modeling program like 3DStudio MAX, etc.

Build 3D model from 2D DXF file.

Then export to
even Adeobe Illustrator IA format


Thanks everyone.

@ Sam, well that’s sounds like an easier way…lol

I actually don’t know Eagle very well but was able to find a dxf run app in there and just spit out the board and pad and hole locations to dxf.

Then took the long hand approach to clean it up a make nice geometry, then I created a 3D model from that nice 2D dxf.

Your way sounds easier…lol

Going to try to play with Eagle a little bit. Just found out this morning I could export a partlist…boy that would have helped… :slight_smile:

Mike in MN



I found these tutorials help me a lot on using Eagle in a very short period of time:



Very impressive!
How long did it take you to do that?


Love it! 500 points :slight_smile:


@ Sam…

Thanks I will have to read up on it a bit.

@ Architect…

Well I don’t know, I lost track of time, just like making a program…lol…I suppose because I was trying to figure it out and such, probably a bit more than 10 hours… Next time might be faster.

@ Gus…

Thanks Gus, didn’t expect it, just figure I would share like everyone else has for me!

Thanks Everyone for sharing!

Mike in MN


You might also convert it to a Google SketchUp and upload it to the 3D warehouse (like Arduino)



I will look into it when I get some time.

Mike in MN