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Panda 2 or Domino


Hello all,

I am designing a proof of concept for my PHD.

I have been reading the difference between the Panda 2 and the Domino.

A previous post listed some difference between padna and domino as being:

SD card reader
USBizi 144 instead of 100 on the panda
USB Host

now i guess the new panda 2 has a RTC and also the sd card reader so the only difference is the process and the usb host am i right or missing something else.

For the project USB host is not important.

Regarding the processor what is the limitation of the 100 when compared to the 144.

The project will be a sort of data loggin application with a very visual interface on the pc and some logic on the panda or domino. The connection between the pc and the board needs to be done via virtual serial. But i guess both board support this.



100 vs 144 is only really an issue with the number of extra IO pins. USBhost is now possible on the USBizi 100 as well. Go the Panda II, they’re pretty great with all those IO’s available !


Adding to what Brett said, Panda USB port can be either host or client but you can’t use both at the same time. Domino has 2 USB ports so you can user both simultaneously.