Panda 2 not being recognised in VS 2010 or MFDEPLOY

Hi all,

I have just got my panda 2 and it isnt recognised on 2 of my PCs. One vista and one win7 prof. The vista is 32bit and the win7 64bit. I have tried both usb drivers.

I tried VS 2010 professional and express.

Is there an on switch or a configuration switch or something ridiculous that i am missing.

I don’t seem to get any devices with a yellow question mark in the device manager either.


Have you installed the USB drivers correctly? Is Windows recoignizing your Panda 2?

Like “GHI .NET Micro Framework USB Debugging Interface” in your Device Manager?

Try a different cable just to rule that out.

On a side thought. I noticed a new FTDI driver came down on windows update for my win7-64 windows yesterday. It seemed to solve some issues I was having. However, I guess it is possible it could also create issues.

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Did you followed the steps of installation VS10 and SDK from this page?

Thanks for the swift reply everyone. It appears that William was right. Duff cable. argggh :slight_smile:

The simplest things eh…

The original cable did make the led blink once every time I plugged it in. From this I assumed that it had power and therefore the cable was working. Now I know it blinks all the time when plugged in.

Again thanks all.

Dredwerker. Good to hear. Good luck with your brand new Panda 2!


Try this,unistall all fez related software than resart and install it again.