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I was wondering why the page does not scroll back to the top when I use ‘next page’ on the forum or the hardware section.

Also, why does the ‘under post’ jumps the last post instead of the last post I’ve read?


Agree … not moving to the top of the page has been bothering me as well.

Perhaps it is a cunning plot to wear out our mouses/mice, so that we’ll have to build new control devices using Fez.


This might be :smiley:

Anyway. Scrolling to the top is not directly necessary, since page navigation is both on the top and bottom?


^^^ Either way, you still need to scroll up to the top of the page.


True ^^ :smiley:


You might not notice it if you are on a 3000x3000 tft panel, but us mortals (with just 1280x1024) do notice it.