PADI IoT Stamp

My mind is blown today. How in the world can anyone sell something like this for $1.99 even at say a million units.


Why does nobody ever use a cortex M4 on these modules. We can’t load NETMF unless we have at least an M4!

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M3 works. That module can in theory run NETMF.

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That would be awesome.

What is not clear is how much of the RAM/FLASH is used for the radio operation and what resources are available for users application development.

EDIT: some additional info here: [url][/url]

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@ Gus - Well…now that Gus says it’s possible, has anyone got our framework running on this stamp? :whistle:

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@ Gus - Doesn’t In theory mean Keil compilers?

No, “GHI” means Keil compilers.

So then, this could be the device that puts NETMF on the map. a $2 dollar C# wifi device that can be debugged with Visual Studio. And if you’re really good… over the WIFI?

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Real programmers do not need debuggers :open_mouth:

Don’t you hate it when the program only works correctly in debugger mode!

Good thing we don’t have any of those in this community. :whistle:

@ suitable1 - There’s a CIT in your reply …

“Well it works on my machine” - Infamous last words

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Where’s @ Justin when we need him???

I just pinged him, maybe he will come on up here above the equator and join us.

If anyone is up to the challenge this would be good start with most of the goodies on board, including AES, LCD, USB OTG, M4 and measures just in a UFBGA package 7X7X0.6 mm maybe one can skip some memory and cut down on energy although the L in the product name is for Low power …


That is what I thought. Radius 3? :think: ;D

If we say his name 3 times will he come.

@ Justin, @ Justin, @ Justin…

I had an email exchange with him last night where I sent him two links to threads where he was being paged.

He appears to be “under the weather” in some capacity. :frowning: