Pacman project code for Gadgeteer

Hello, I am currently resurrecting a large box of Gadgeteer Spider kits I used to use for teaching many years ago. I used to demo the Pacman code that used the joystick module and would love to have a tinker with it again. I have VS2013 installed on a Windows 11 machine and everything works fine for creating Gadgeteer projects with the designer. Does anyone have the Pacman gadgeteer project code they could link to/send me?


@Deeko, I still have the code but I cannot attest to it running or compiling for that matter. If you do get it running I would love to see a video of that old code. I also included the code for a Rally-X game I wrote at the time, I do not recall if that was for the FEZ-Spider or the Hydra.

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@Deeko, I was looking through some old harddisks and found a copy of the code that I believe is specifically for the FEZ Spider.