Pack Class Library as Nuget package


We made an quick attempt in the office to pack a class library for a private Nuget repo but got the following error:

Also the guide Quickstart: Create and publish a NuGet package using Visual Studio (Windows only) | Microsoft Learn refers to a package tab in the project properties in VS but this is not present in TinyCLR projects.

Is it possible to pack our own Class library as Nuget packages and it so anyone that could point me in the direction doing so?

GitHub - ghi-electronics/TinyCLR-Drivers: Drivers for sensors/devices to be used with TinyCLR OS repo is full of libraries that we host on


I managed to create a Nuget package of a TinyCLR class library.
I then added the package to the main project and it builds fine but now we are unable to deploy to the device because of following error

I build the class library in Debug and then include the dll in the .nuspec file:

Then creating a package using: nuget pack MyClassLib.nuspec

Packing nuget sometime simple but sometime not. We need to know step by step you did.

Following the error seem somehow you added mscorlib desktop version by accident.

You can try simple project do step by step so we can help.


You are so right. not sure why the desktop version was included but recreated the project and it worked flawless