This offers some interesting opportunities for the rich MF framework, for logging sensor data or whatever, has anyone had any experience or examples

Maybe you would be interested in testing this library and reporting back:

It’s available for download from codeplex or using Nuget.

Check out this code from Eric as well

Pachube is now Cosm

Am I alone in disliking their new name? In the email they mention its more memorable and easier to spell but to me it just doesn’t sound too great.

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Agree, but that’s a low price if this rebranding brings new stuff

Haven’t used it,but now have a project where I see it can be useful.
Is it free?

It wasn’t from the start but is now. I remember that each account has a limit of the feed update requests (something about 150 per minute total for all feeds).

In my master plan there are lots of things I’m going to be gathering data from, but not in my wildest nightmares could I imagine handing over any data to something like this. Privacy, and all that.

For sensitive information I will use my own service. For fun - public is good enough.