Oxygen sensor

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In our project we have to measure the oxygen density of a liquid. Do you know any type of device or sensor to use for this?


For blood oxygen levels they use IR light. The little thing they clip to your finger is an IR transmitter/receiver.

Just contemplating the problem I’m not certain that one sensor would work for any liquid, the materials of the sensing element might react very differently with different liquids. (i.e. acid vs. base)

I’m assuming you want to measure dissolved oxygen in liquids. As Jeff implied, it depends on what the liquid is. If the liquid means water where the total dissolved solids is not too high and pH is not too nasty, you can try a BNC DO probe.

phidgets.com has some interface boards for BNC type probes. It looks like (read maybe) you could use their BNC interface to measure ion and gas concentrations using any BNC probe that outputs an analog signal (almost all do). Take a look at this http://www.phidgets.com/products.php?product_id=1130. This is a solution for pH/ORP, so DO should work, “in theory”.

There are a ton of handheld sensors like this for field work, which are usually over priced because they are marketed as “professional grade scientific equipment”. Most are just reading an analog signal and have a couple of extra buttons for calibrating that signal to known standards.

I got my start in the programming biz writing code to process this kind of data in a lab before uCs were readily available. Making your own meter sounds like fun. Let us know if you get something working.

Also take a look at: http://omega.com/. Omega typically has about every type of sensor imaginable. They are not the least expensive place but they only sell good quality stuff.


there is a company in Toulouse, France called Alphamos which sells these kinds of sensors.

We worked with them (for an european research project). They were manufacturing a sensor called a pollution nose which was able to measure Nox, CO2, O3.

They were using resistances and measured the variation of these resistance.

I’m not sure they are selling but maybe, if no answers come up, you could give a try.

Best regards, Nicolas, Toulouse, France

http://www.alpha-mos.com/ :wink:

Do you know AlphaMos Nicolas3 ? (you’re french aren’t you ? )

Where from ?

Hi Nicolas,

Yes I’m french but currently working in Canada. However I lived in the Toulouse area few years ago and kept some link there in the business. I never worked myself with this company, though.

Nicolas ;D

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