Overflow: hidden;

New site looks amazing!

One thing I’ve noticed so far (besides the stellar interface), you might want to put an overflow:hidden; on the last column for forums.

(see attached)

Maybe some nice HTML5 drag and drop for files too? 8)

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Also on mobile version there is no way to jump to a page from the top of unread. Meaning if I want to jump to the last page of a thread I have to open the thread and then navigate to the last page.

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Ive been wondering why that’s been happening. I guess im on mobile or something

But isn’t the new mobile version awesome?

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Definitely a big improvement overall. With the previous version of the site, I always used the desktop version on my phone, because I really disliked the mobile version. Much prefer the new mobile look and feel.

That said, I do hope that they change things back to having the link in the unread posts list take you to the latest post, rather than the top of the thread. Too many additional clicks/taps the way it is now.


@ devhammer - That’s one of the things I believe @ Josh is fixing this week.

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Wow! I just tried the new mobile version. GREAT JOB, guys!

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