Outrageous Circuits compile fails

Where did I go wrong :wall:

Using the unmodified ‘Official’ GHI code for the mBuino.

The code will not compile. (Using the online mbed compiler)

I tried using platform for mbed LPC11U24 (Cap1.gif)
and platform mbed LPC1768 (Cap.2.gif).

Fails on:
DigitalOut LED[] = {(LED1), (LED2), (LED3), (LED4), (LED5), (LED6), (LED7)};
// declare 7 LEDs

Do I need a #include I am not aware of? Something else?

Sort of ‘lost’ on this one

@ willgeorge - Use the mBuino platform for the compiler.

@ Gary -

I was looking for something like that but not sure where to select it so the compiler includes it…

I’ll look HARDER!

Thanks for the reply!

EDIT: It was right in the list I was looking in! HOW could I have missed it???

@ willgeorge - Use this link http://developer.mbed.org/platforms/Outrageous-Circuits-mBuino/ , and click on the “open mbed compiler” button, you should be all set. If not let us know.

@ Gary - ’

Found it and all is well!

Thanks again!

@ willgeorge - no problem, keep us posted on all the awesome stuff you do with mBuino ;D

@ willgeorge - Given your level of experience, this reference probably won’t be needed by you. I’m posting it so other people reading the forum might stumble on it. We are linking references into both outrageouscircuits site and our mbed platform page.


Have fun!


@ Jeff -

Great addition!

We all can use a bit of help sometimes!