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Out of Memory


Im trying to GetBitmap() on a bitmap resource that is about 900kb. Everytime I try I get “OutOfMemory” exception. What I dont get is that when i run Debug.GC(true) it shows that I ahve 13mb of avail ram. Any help would be appreciated.


Try running the same code in release w/o the debugger attached.

Debugger = Evil (as far as memory goes)


That didnt work either. Any other suggestions?

Also 16mb of RAM on the cobra couldnt handle debugging and a 1mb picture?


Large images sit on a separate heap, read this


Is the custom heap used in a called RLP?


Right, the custom heap. Forgot about that; blame it on the fever. ???


RLP and custom heap are totally different things and not related.


I know that, but do RLP procedures have access to all the available memory or is it boxed in like the clr?


Yes, please see RLP extension for memory allocation