Our friends and everyone in Japan

Not sure if there are words for this but I feel really sad for what is going on in Japan. As the tsunami is not a disaster on its own, nuclear radiation is not a thing that any nation like to deal with…very sad and very scary.

I hope things will start going in the right direction soon as now it is just getting worse :frowning:

Here here… I watched with shock and horror, now with the 3rd nuclear chamber emitting radiation, we can only hope it’s over for the people soon…

My heart goes out to them…


I follow the news from Japan daily and it is very sad. :frowning:


I cannot stop thinking about it, makes my insides turn upside down …
And sadly… it doesn’t seem to get any better soon.
If it keeps going… it’ll be the end of life as we know it…
and I don’t mean for Japan only… but for the whole world.
Science fiction writers always play with the idea
that when faced with total total annihilation the human race
will come together and stand as one… I wish that would be the case now…

Today we are all Japanese, today we are all human.
Good luck to everyone out there!

I heard the count is all “Six” reactors in various states of failure as of today.

My heart goes out to them :frowning:

But what I find absolutely annoying is that all of a sudden all green peace fanatics start to bla bla about nuclear energy and how bad it is and that we need to shut down all plants.

Germany already announced to shut down 7 reactors.

WHY?! even if there were the best of the best of the best reactors in Japan, after such a disaster (earthquake, tsunami, fire) every plant would fail somehow…

Sad that all those fanatics are on tv all the time now… :frowning:

Very classy Gus.

Robert, I am a former Navy Nuke and worked on the USS George Washington while it was going through all if it’s power plant acceptance tests. I agree any nuclear incident is concerning and I think considering all that these reactors have been through and for their age things have gone pretty well. The hydrogen explosions are dramatic but when it is all said and done I think we will find that the lasting impact will be a dramatically less then that of Chernobyl. It is sad to me that this one incident is getting so much attention when so many more have been impacted by this disaster.