Our FEZ King now has his own daisy link code

Congratulations Architect, our FEZ King. You are the first community member to get his own manufacture code and this si very exciting to us.

Thank you! (Bow)

I am very excited about it. Stay tuned for some new DaisyLink modules! ;D

That’s pretty cool, congrats!


BTW - what happened to the POE module we saw hints of in the fall?

Awesome and well deserved.

Thanks! ;D

@ ransomhall

I am going to check with Kerry if I can get them checked in into codeplex (I don’t want to maintain it in multiple places).

Meanwhile, here is my helper module (S socket compatible) for programming DaisyLink AVR modules.
I will be ordering it soon. If anybody interested (boards only),let me know.

Congrats! Very cool.

Sign me up for one of your boards.

@ Architect - you can definitely check your code in to Codeplex. Do you have a current Codeplex user ID? I’ll get you added to the Gadgeteer project as a contributor.

I’m down for two of those. Are you going w/Dorkbot? I have put in two orders recently, and only received a reply for the first. Also the 2 layer order is currently 104% full ??? I am guzzling coffee and trying to be patient… not really working out. Ha!

For this or other boards, if you guys come up with small volume then we can order it for you guys. Like 100pcs.

Sweet, thanks Gus. I might go that route with the breadboard module. I’ll send you an email with some questions. The whole idea with Gadgeteer is hardware “plug and play”, though, so the market is that much smaller for breadboard module hacks.

@ Kerry

I have posted my codeplex user name on the Gadgeteer forum.

Thank you ;D